Plaza Palace Hotel in Lesvos





During your visit to Lesvos, you can not visit the picturesque village of Molyvos and its even more picturesque harbor.With incredible views and delicious food from the surrounding taverns, it is an ideal destination for your holiday.

Another enchanting destination is the magnificent Petra with its church, Panagia Glykofilousa, built on a rock where 114 steps are carved on its northern side.


Enjoy your swim in the amazing beaches of Lesbos, Anaxos, Molyvos and Petra. Bright blue waters, unique scenery and a beautiful sunset promise an unforgettable experience.

See the magical depths of Lesvos and particularly of Molivos with oxygen cylinders (scuba) or your snorkel (Snorkeling). Feel free to ask us about organised scuba diving trips.

Walk the wonderful nature trails that lead to the mountains above the city of Molivos. Loose yourself in the endless olive grooves that produce the best quality olive oil in Lesvos.

Enjoy your ouzo at any time of the day, accompanying it with local cuisine. Try different appetizers that highlight the taste and unique aroma of ouzo at one of the countless taverns in Molyvos, Anaxos and Petra. Whether you want sea side or on a higher ground enjoying the view.